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Why Bong Revilla is Not Worthy for any Position

The 2019 elections was filled with a lot of arguments, worries, doubts and criticisms from the Filipino people. There were debates about religions versus the state, questionable candidates and supposed rigged election system.

One of the noisiest names this election is Bong Revilla. Yes, the same Revilla that is known for Panday and several famous movies/teleseryes. The same Revilla that was convicted because of a corruption case. And the Revilla that is now a Senate-elect candidate. It caused a lot of issues to rise, not that we’re surprised.

Why would the Filipino citizens even consider a corrupted former official to have a seat in the government once again? Why would the citizens consider an ex-convict with no proper political backgrounds to be a part of the Senate? Surely he won’t get that much votes right? Oh, how we were wrong.

When the partial results got released, Revilla was included in the top 12. People were fuming, how can someone like Revilla surpass the more qualified candidates? I am amazed, not in a good way, that Bong had the guts to run for candidacy despite being just released from detention after four years. You would have thought that he will be ashamed of his actions and corruption but no, he really won’t back down.

It is also a shame that Revilla was able to make a certain Religion believe and vote for him. First of all, the elections are not supposed to be connected in any Religion. The State vs Church exists for a reason, people should always remember that there are certain situations in which the two can’t interact. When you vote, you don’t do it for you beliefs and religion. You vote for the betterment of your nation.

It seems that some Filipinos instantly forgot Bong’s cases and lies just because he’s a known actor and a really good-looking man for some. It also does not help that most voters in the Philippines are either not well-educated or has no school background at all. It is hearbtreaking to watch as the results are slowly being released. There is so much tension and worry that lingers because of this year’s election. It would even crush the Filipino’s hearts and mine if Bong Revilla manages to win this election. If so, we are doomed.

Written by: Jacob Ramirez, contributor at

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