Sunday, September 22, 2019
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AFP colonel: “War with China? You’re buying into a propaganda”

War with China huh?

First it’s highly unlikely because the Philippine Constitution will not allow us to declare war with another country in the pursuit of national interest. Second, the other way we will find ourselves in a state of war is if another country declares war on us or if we are invaded, putting us effectively in a state of armed conflict. So in essence, the other party has to strike first. And when they do, ready or not, we defend ourselves.

So we don’t want war. Do you know who else doesn’t want war? CHINA! Do you really think they would go to war against the Philippines just because we rebuked them over a “simple maritime accident”? They have too much at stake diplomacy and economy wise. One slight miscalculation on their part, and they will derail their “Chinese Dream”. They will instead opt for gray zone strategy and exploit the limits of what they can do without going to war.

So if neither side wants war, the threat of war is used as a propaganda tool to deter, intimidate and subdue however it is often the case when other states are provoked. This effect is called the security dilemma. So when we Filipinos are talking about how we don’t stand a chance if we go to war, we are actually buying into a propaganda.

By Col. Mike Logico (Philippine Army)