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Chinese woman threw her milktea at Filipino police officer in MRT station

MANILA, Philippines – A Chinese woman has been arrested in a MRT station in Manila after she threw her milktea drink into a Filipino police officer.

In a facebook post by Pau Mesias, “Sinita ka dahil bawal na mga DRINKS or any form of liquid sa MRT. Isa kang dayuhan mam, hindi ka mrunong rumespeto sana mahuli ka at ikulong. Mahanap kita gagawin ko yan sau. Hnd gaganti sau c Sir kasi maximum tolerance pa din, ipinahiya m cia ng sobra”.

The said post has garnered 50,000 shares in a matter of 4 hours.

Filipino netizens also shared their sentiments regarding the matter:

“Ideport na yang Chinese na yan, tingin kasi nila sa bansa natin basura” said by Jepoy Miranda.

“This is so disheartening being disrespected in our country by the Chinese, ginagago na nga tayo sa Spratly, pati ba naman sa loob ng bansa natin ganito gagawin nila”, said Anthony Mendoza.

“Habang nilalapit tayo ng Duterte administration sa China, harap-harapan naman tayong binabastos nila” said by Anne Hernandez.

“This is so unacceptable, itapon na yang mga yan sa Manila bay or ibalik sa China” said by Roxan Gomez.

Chinese tourists surge in the Philippines 

Tens of thousands of Chinese from mainland China have been entering the Philippines as tourists before obtaining short-term special permits to work in online gambling operations, a Senate panel learned.

At a hearing of the Senate labor committee, Sen. Joel Villanueva expressed alarm and indignation after immigration and labor authorities admitted that more than 119,000 “tourists,” most of them from mainland China, were able to skirt labor regulations to gain temporary employment in the country.

These tourist visa holders technically remain tourists even during the three-to-six-month duration of their work assignment in the country.

Thus, their employers need not prove that the jobs cannot otherwise be performed by locals, which is the usual policy for alien workers.

It’s very clear. Chinese nationals have been stealing our jobs, taking away our homes and pilfering opportunities from Filipinos,” Villanueva said.

He called for stringent regulation of foreign workers in the country.

The Senate panel is looking into the proliferation of presumed illegal workers from China, whose numbers have risen around Metro Manila to a degree that do not match official employment numbers from the Department of Labor and Employment (Dole).

Dole figures show that since 2015, close to 116,000 foreigners have been issued an alien employment permit (AEP), which allows them to work legally in the Philippines.

An AEP will be issued by Dole only if there is no Filipino willing or competent enough to do the job being offered to a foreigner.

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