Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Netizen: Bong Go is using gov’t program to further his senate agenda

MANILA, Philippines – A viral post has emerged in facebook slamming Special Assistant to the President Sec. Bong Go of using social welfare assistance funded by the government to further his senate campaign.

In a facebook post by Anthony Suriaga Comedia, a photo of Bong Go’s “Malasakit Assistance Card” were being distributed in every campaign sortie of SAP Bong Go.

“Malasakit Center is the new name given to the Social Welfare and Charity Assistance Office found in various government hospitals. Hindi bago ang proyektong ito. PRRD is using it to support Bong Go’s campaign”, said by Anthony.

Other netizens also joined the discussion…

“Pera nya ba ito? It is funded by the gov’t and he is already considered resign sa kanyang katungkulan. Bakit walang nagpapadisqualify sa ugok na ito?”, said by Dandy Tabat.

“Maglalaho yang malasakit assistance after election kaya maging matalino sa pagboto… babawian kna dededmahin kpa after makuha ang gusto nila”, said by Lucy Buenavista.

“SAP Bong Go was fun of putting and placing name and his face anywhere. This is worse than taking advantage of government resources. The Malasakit Health Assistance Program of DOH was a good project to maintain health security among the poorest Filipino and cope up with their finances when anyone in the family is sick. Its sad but this is a vivid exemplary of campaign-friendly administration however exclusive to its descendants and followers” said by Jan Cedri Daquis.

“Du30 pa more. Sobrang epal. Programa gamit ang pondo ng gobyerno sumasabit pa. Tatak trapo talaga”, said by Wency Dadua.

‘Epal politics’: Where does Bong Go get his funds? De Lima asks

Detained Senator Leila de Lima on Friday raised questions on where does President Rodrigo Duterte’s long-time aide Bong Go gets his funds for his senatorial campaign.

Go’s tarpaulins and billboards have been spotted in various parts of the country, even as the official campaign period has yet to begin, and De Lima has labeled such moves as “the template of epal politics.”

“Bong Go is everywhere, inescapable in all sizes and in all forms. There has been an ongoing invasion of public spaces by his tarpaulins and expensive billboards, and on TV, radio, print and social media, he’s ubiquitous these past months. He obviously has a well-oiled electoral machinery. But where does he get the funds?” De Lima said in a dispatch from her detention cell in Camp Crame.

“He does all these even way before the start of the official campaign period, taking advantage of a gap in our election laws and jurisprudence which tolerates premature campaigning.”

De Lima said Go’s case “is so brazen in its utter lack of delicadeza,” pointing out that Duterte’s long-time aide, despite having resigned from his post as Special Assistant to the President, remains seen with the chief executive in public events.

“It’s even akin to usurpation of authority, since someone else is supposed to have taken already his previous functions as SAP. But since he continues to act as Duterte’s super alalay, it is safe to presume that public funds are also expended while he is campaigning early… and still assuming the SAP role,” De Lima said.