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Panelo is lying, PH doesn’t need Chinese workers for there are 10M jobless Filipinos

MANILA, Philippines – Malacanang spokesman Atty. Salvador Panelo has claimed that the Philippines needs Chinese workers from mainland China because the Philippines lacks skilled Filipino workers in the construction industry. However, data shows that there are 10 million jobless Filipinos in the recent SWS survey on last November 2018.

“We lack so many construction workers. Siguro (Maybe) that’s why maraming Chinese na kinukuha dahil walang mga Pilipino (a lot of Chinese are being hired because of the lack of Filipinos),” Panelo said.

The nationwide survey conducted last Nov. 15-23, 2018 with 1,500 respondents found that 22 percent of adult Filipinos have no job in the past three months. This is 2.3 percent above the 19.7 percent registered in the second quarter of 2018

According to SWS, adult joblessness consists of those who voluntarily left their old jobs, those who lost their jobs due to economic circumstances beyond their control, termed as the retrenched, and those seeking jobs for the first time.

Of the 22 percent unemployed, 9.2 percent (4.1 million adults) were retrenched (up by two points from 6.8 percent in June 2018), 8.4 percent (3.7 million adults) voluntarily left their old jobs (down by 1.1 points from 9.5 percent in June), and 4.4 percent (2 million adults) are first-time job seekers (up by one point from 3.4 percent in June).

The 9.2 percent who were retrenched consisted of 6.6 percent whose previous contracts were not renewed, 1.6 percent who were laid off, and 1 percent whose employers closed operations.

Joblessness highest in Metro Manila

Adult joblessness stayed highest in Metro Manila at 26.4 percent (up by 6.9 points from 19.4 percent in June 2018), followed by the rest of Luzon at 22.9 percent (up by 3.5 points from 19.3 percent in June), Mindanao at 19.7 percent (down by 1.5 points from 21.2 percent in June), and Visayas at 19.6 percent (up by 0.6 point from 19 percent in June).

Joblessness higher among women

Joblessness was higher among women at 32.8 percent (up by 6.7 points from 26.1 percent in June 2018), compared to men at 14.3 percent (down by 1.3 points from 15.6 percent in June).

Joblessness highest among aged 18 to 24

As in the past, adult joblessness was highest among the 18 to 24-year-olds at 40.1 percent (down by 4.3 points from 44.4 percent in June 2018), followed by the 25 to 34 year olds at 25.5 percent (down by 3.6 points from 29.1 percent), among 35 to 44 year olds at 20.5 percent up by 4.8 points from 15.7 percent), and among 45 years old and above at 16.9 percent (up by 4.6 points from 12.2 percent).

Net optimism on job availability at “high” +24

The respondents were also asked, “twelve months from now, do you think there will be more jobs, no change in available jobs, or fewer jobs?”

Optimism that there will be more jobs fell by eight points from 47 percent in June 2018 to 39 percent in September 2018, while pessimism that there will be fewer jobs rose by one point from 15 percent to 16 percent.