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VIP guest Bong Go causes an 8-hr delay of coconut festival in San Pablo City

MANILA, Philippines – A facebook post of a City Councilor of San Pablo City went viral after the townsmen, participants and dancers ridiculously waited 8-long hours for a VIP/guest of the coconut festival that should had started around 8 a.m (January 13) but as the VIP guest was superbly late who came only at 3pm. The VIP guest was no other than SAP Bong Go.

I am a team player, but I am not solved to the idea of waiting for that “guest/VIP” for hours before starting the street dancing program/competition of Coconut festival.

I understand that the participants in the Street Dancing were required to assemble as early as 6 a.m. to prepare (including the putting on of make-ups and fixing their costumes) only to start the competition at past 3 pm?

I hardly had my lunch as we were advised to come at 12 nn to prepare for the “salubong”, as a protocol being┬áthe govt officials (we had our lunch at 4 pm).

The competition should have started as announced even without that “guest”…afterall he is not even a judge….all invited judges were on stage at around 1 pm (surely because that was the “call time” given when they were invited)…unfortunately, they too needed to wait…my apologies to them!

The program could have been started and stopped anytime soon as the “guest” arrives, and this wouldn’t matter much…the audience will still be there for sure.

It is already dark…the judges will not have good visions of the performances now compared if it is still daytime…this will surely affect their judgments too.

The participants have waited for more than half a day…they must be very very exhausted already….i couldn’t blame if this causes anger/resentment/dismay among the participants themselves, their teachers and coaches, school administrators, the parents, supporters and even the audience themselves…including myself!“, said in a post by Eduardo Dizon.